To become a member

The Italian Metabolomics Network (IMN) aims at bringing together people with different backgrounds actively working in the field of metabolomics, and, more broadly, in the study of metabolism.

The objective is to promote networking, by offering opportunities for discussion, collaboration, training and exchanges between the participants.

Our objective is to make the Network as open and flexible as possible. Everybody active in the field of metabolomics is invited to apply and participate.

  • Membership is free of charge
  • The name of the associates and their affiliation will be displayed on the network website
  • Members will be automatically added to the Network newsletter
To join the network

Contact by e-mail one of the network members sending the Application Form

The Members will have their names, affiliation and contact details reported on the network website and will automatically receive the Network newsletter

Getting a picture of the Italian Metabolomics community

You are encouraged to fill this Online Survey. We would like to get an overview of who we are and what we do in metabolomics. Collected answers will be elaborated and resulting information shared with you.